ACSB organized Iftar Party for underprivileged people

Animal Care Society of Bangladesh (ACSB), being one of the earlier Facebook based animal lovers’ group has organized an iftar party for helpless people of the city.

The party placed at city’s Zigatola with the collaboration of Ayesha Siddika, martial art trainer and executive member at Bangladesh International Taekwon-Do Association on May 18, 2020.

ACSB admin Sarah Shams said to Business Daily News, “Our Founder Admin Habib Ahmed has organized adoption of more than 540 stray animals within these years and ensured taking of yearly updates of each and every one of them . ACSB has contributed to the sterilization of countless stray animals including the community dog of Independent University, Bangladesh ensuring them a better life.”

She also informs that even amid COVID 19 pandemic, various activities in favor of these helpless animals are being continued in different areas of Dhaka city with personal funds and guidelines are provided to organisations outside Dhaka to carry out similar activities ensuring animal welfare.

“Besides, we have made arrangements on iftar for some helpless families in this pandemic situation under the overall direction of Habib Ahmed ,” added Sarah.

Founder Admin Habib Ahmed in this regard said, “Thanks to Ayesha for all her support to us. This initiative of ACSB actually came from our own responsibilities towards the society. ACSB always believes in working for unaided people of the society and stray animals. We wish to continue our activities even in any catastrophe of the society.”

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