TAN Launches Its Journey

The Angels Network (TAN), a consortium of angel investors in Bangladesh, has been launched with Sonia Bashir Kabir leading as President and Rubaba Dowla as Vice President.

Sonia Bashir Kabir as President and Rubaba Dowla as Vice president will maintain TAN while Shameem Ahsan, Tahsin Aman and Hamidul Mishbah will continue their responsibility as board members.
TAN was formed in April and is already working with 25+ angel investors who are sector agnostic and ready to invest in different vertical markets. TAN is currently working closely with 30+ startups and evaluating their solutions.
“We are passionate about connecting startups to capital and honing management skills of the C level teams of startups we will invest in. Exposing startups to deep tech and ensuring scalability is another area of important focus said Sonia Bashir Kabir.

“Last but not least, those startups which target their solutions to bigger addressable markets will be given preference over startups that address niche markets (less than 20% of the population) Sonia further added.

“I am very excited about promoting our local startups,” says Rubaba Dowla, “TAN plans to bring together promising early stage companies and expose them to serial entrepreneurs, high tech executives, and other professional investors. We will primarily spearhead our efforts on providing startups exposure to a large active forum of investors, bringing knowledge and mentoring for each company and execute a pro entrepreneur process with fast go/no-go decisions plus feedback”

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